Friday, 4 October 2013

Chapter 3

Lake was riding the waves of ecstasy, each one of Chris' thrusts sent her closer and closer to the nirvana she so desperately craved.

"Uh! Whose pussy is this?" He demanded and pushed himself deep inside her.

Lake squirmed and dug her nails into the his shoulders and neck, "Yours!"

"Whose?" Thrust.

"Yours baby!"

He grunted, nearly at his climax. "Say my name." He murmured and nibbled at her neck.  She wanted to answer him, to call the name of the man who was her pleasure and pain, of the only man she had ever loved, her best friend, her greatest lover.

"Chris!" She spat as her back arched, she felt him grow inside her, she felt his release. She wasn't there yet, why was he doing this? She was so damn close! It wasn't fair, he was punishing her, bringing her to the brink and leaving her, dangling the ultimate release right in front of her face and taking it away. Showing her what she could have just as long as she doesn't fuck up.

He collapsed on top of her, two hundred and fifty pounds of muscle rested on top of her. She loved everything about him, his smell, his touch, his voice, everything, but he didn't seem to understand that, he was so insecure. She had gone on two dates with Gregory, her target and she told him every detail but Chris still thought that Lake was leaving out something, eliminating the sex.

He rolled off her and onto his back, eyes closed, snoring gently, Lake traced his sweet lips with her fingers. Money. Money was always the problem with Chris, he could never get enough of it, always wanted more. They came from similar backgrounds, grew up in the projects, surviving off food stamps. Lake knew all about wearing the same shirt for a week and having to melt the rubber on her sandals in order to mend it. How many times did she tell Chris that he didn't have to buy her, that she loved him unconditionally. He didn't think so, what was it with men and wealth?

Lake rolled off the bed and went into the bathroom, she stood under the warm stream, today wasn't the kind of day where a shower would wash her troubles away. She tilted her head back, the water caressed her face like a lover.
Gregory. He was so different, there was no pressure when she was with him, he had already self actualized, already become the man he wanted to be. He had the nice suits, the mansion and the fancy cars. He could buy her everything she wanted, he had a gift for her after every date, the first time he had given her a pair of diamond earrings, after the second date she received a bracelet, she had another date with Gregory tonight, the third date, she knew the necklace was coming but then what. For an old guy Gregory was as spirited as a teenager and she already knew he could get his dick up, how many times had it poked at her when she kissed him? The main question was how long could he keep it up?

Lake stepped out of the shower and toweled herself dry, she rubbed on some of her favorite lotion and dabbed some Chanel No. 5 behind her ears and at her pulse points. Chris came into the bathroom with everything swinging, he planted a kiss on her forehead and stepped into the shower, closing the curtain to hide himself from her. Suddenly Lake was angry, she was angry at his bipolar attitude, the only reason she was seeing Gregory anyway was because of his dumbass plan!

She left the bathroom slamming the door behind her, she pulled on the dress that Gregory had bought her, it hugged her curves and accentuated her hips, showed off her cleavage that he loved so much. She did her hair up in a ponytail like he'd asked and stepped into a pair of stilettos. Lake had done the escort thing, dating Gregory was similar.

As she left the house she thought about an alternative, she was sure that if she wanted she could have the cocky elder wrapped around her little finger, she could convince him to give her a couple million dollars and then she could disappear, Chris would finally have his money and they could live happily ever after.
Yeah right! Once Chris had his mind made up there was nothing anybody could do to change it. She was about to head down the street when a stretch limo pulled up beside her, the back doors opened and there was Gregory Del Santi.