Friday, 31 May 2013

Chapter 2

All little girls dream about their wedding day, the fancy dress, the pretty jewels and of course her soul mate waiting for her at the end of aisle. Lake was no different, Chris was her dream come true, her savior, but lately she was questioning if he was the one. What he had asked her to do was absurd, and of course he was the only thing that stood between her and a small prison cell.

She sighed and got out of bed, waking up the last couple of weeks had been hard but this day it seemed impossible. Her feet found the cold tiles in her bedroom and she managed to drag her tired body off the bed and to the bathroom. Lake stood under the warm spray of the shower breathing in the steam to clear her sinuses.

Chris had told her to look sexy, so that is what she would do. She mechanically stepped into a Dior dress and buckled the brand new stilettos, then she pulled her hair into a ponytail and dabbed on light makeup.

The plan was for her to go down to the man’s favorite café and ‘bump into him’. When Lake stepped outside she looked up at the sky and frowned, the bright golden sunshine, vivid green surroundings and birds chirping in the trees did not match her mood. “Son of a bitch.” She grumbled. Everything in her being screamed that what she was about to do was wrong.

Sun  Café is a cute little place on the corner and for some reason that made Lake feel even worst. She entered the café and took a seat right at the door and pulled the cell phone from her bra.

Chris had sent her pictures of her target and more than enough information for her to know the best way to get his attention. She looked at the café’s patrons, her mark hadn’t entered the building yet, but she had time.

People always pitied the victim’s family, but nobody considered what happened to the murderer psychologically. When she killed that guy she had two options, kill or be raped. Even now there were nights she couldn’t sleep, nights when she could feel his hands over her, when she relived plunging the knife into him, hearing him scream and seeing his lifeless body on the tile floors and knowing ‘I did that, I killed that man’.

Lake rubbed her throbbing temples and looked up when someone slid into the seat in front of her. The dark skinned young man with the striking blue eyes that didn't seem like they belonged to him. “Hi.” He greeted her.

“Hey.” She replied willing him to go away. His dazzling smile was distracting her, go away, go away. As if the cashier could read her mind she called out,  “A. Riley.”

Lake’s uninvited guest frowned, apparently he was not ready to leave. “That’s me.” He left a card on the table, she picked it up, Amir Riley, nothing else. She twisted in her seat so she could watch him leave. Just as he disappeared her target strolled in. It was time to go to work.

Lake's eyes zeroed in on her target, although he was across the room she could smell him, his fragrance was that of old money. The silver haired gentleman was dressed in a wrinkle-free Armani suit, his dress shoes sparkled in the sparse light. Lake couldn't help but wonder what he was doing inside a diner on this side of town.

A waitress approached him with a menu, as soon as she turned to lead him to his table, his gray eyes locked on her round ass. Lake smirked, this was going to be easier than she thought, the geezer is a pervert! 

Once the man was seated, Lake stood and headed to the restroom, as she passed his table she put an extra bounce in her steps to make all of her lady bits jiggle just for him. A quick look over her shoulder proved her earlier thought right, her future hubby was a perv.

In the restroom, the girl prepared herself for what she was about to do, she checked her hair and makeup, took a couple deep breaths, "Whoo sahhh!" She breathed and left the restroom, the old man's eyes found her breasts as soon as she exited the rest room. "Here goes." She thought, tripped over her shoes and landed in his lap.

"Oh my gosh!" She lowered her lids seductively, dropping her voice an octave. "I'm so sorry." She shuddered when his too soft hands grabbed onto her behind.

"It's no problem at all darling."

She stood, adjusted her clothes and turned to leave, her target's fingers closed around her wrist. "What's the rush, you wrinkled my pants the least you can do is have breakfast with me."
Check and mate!

Lake slid into the seat facing Mr. Gregory Del Santai and prepared herself for a long boring conversation. 


  1. Egads...I hope he is just a perv and not a sicko or something with his own sinister agenda..even if what she is doing is wrong. Actually I hope the elder gentleman sweeps her off her feet and she can tell her no good b/f to hit the road..after all money talks....can't wait to see more.

    1. Woohoo! i'm glad you enjoyed it and (hint hint) you may be on to something.

  2. Lake reminds me of one of your characters, I can't say who right now, but she looks so familiar. Does she always do what Chris asks her to do? I hope she knows what she's getting herself into, it seems like a dangerous game they are playing, conning people.

    1. She doesn't have much of a choice but to do what Cris tells her to, afterall, lookat what he has on her..

  3. Well this is an interesting start to a story! Can't wait to see what goes on with this rich man, I wonder if Lake will free herself from Chris and whether she'll go through with the murder.

    1. I think you'll be very surprised at where things go ;)

  4. Oh, I'm sick to my stomach (but in a good way) about what's about to probably happen. Saddling herself with a perv old man for money. ugh.

    1. Perv's are always the most interesting old rich guys to get stuck with don't you think? Imagine the naughty scenes ;)

  5. That poor old guy has no idea what's coming to him.

  6. Hmmm.... A Riley... maybe he will be the guy who saves her from Chris.... poor old guy, perv or not, he doesn't deserve what will happen to him,..... (unless he's a wicked one)